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What is SmartWall?

Stronger & Lighter Masonry
The SmartWall System is made with stronger, lighter concrete masonry units, compared to regular lightweight units meeting ASTM C 90 specifications.


Why specify SmartWall
instead of normal weight units?

SmartWall Pays for Itself Through Energy Savings
SmartWall Systems has 52% less heat flow compared to a normal weight concrete masonry wall. Life cycle energy cost savings range from $2.25 to $3.50 per 8" concrete masonry unit in our Midwestern climate (depending on location) when calculated over a typical thirty year building life. Even over 10 years, the savings range from $0.90 to $1.45 per unit.

Faster Installation
One - third lighter units makes installation by masons faster. SmartWall jobs are completed sooner and with fewer injuries. This provides further economic savings. Masonry contractors tell us they love SmartWall - "Just get it in the specs!"

Durability & Fire Resistance
Buildex expanded shale lightweight aggregate provides optimum durability and fire resistance. SmartWall Units have better fire ratings than sand and gravel units, making it easier to meet design requirements.

Structural Efficiency
32% lower installed wall weight means lower costs for foundations and supporting structural steel. In seismic areas, less grouting & reinforcing may be required, further reducing wall weight and improving overall thermal performance.


Why specify SmartWall instead
of regular lightweight units?

SmartWall Still Provides Significant Savings
Regular lightweight units can weigh over 3 pounds more than a SmartWall unit. SmartWall provides 14 percent lower installed wall weight and 22 percent less heat flow. Utility savings over 30 years are still 60 to 95 cents per unit in our Midwestern climate. The stronger, lighter SmartWall units allow the engineer to make more efficient structural designs, knowing that the units are available in the market and will be bid on the job.


Where can I get SmartWall?

Available Throughout the United States
SmartWall Systems is a program developed by members of the Expanded Shale Clay and Slate Institute, including Buildex Inc. SmartWall units are made by concrete masonry producers all over the United States, including numerous plants using Buildex aggregate throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states.


How do I specify SmartWall
System for my project?

Guide Specification
Refer to the Buildex SmartWall Systems Guide Specification.


For More Information…

Contact Us
A guide specification, producer listing, and more detailed information on the performance of Buildex SmartWall Systems is included in this binder. Contact the Buildex office or any certified SmartWall Systems producer if you have questions or need more information.