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Structural Advantages
of SmartWall Systems

STRONGER. Designs that use the higher strength of SmartWall Systems realize the advantage of increased bearing, moment and shear capacity.

SmartWall’s specified 2500 psi unit strength results in prism strength of 1833 psi using the building code tables, while actual job prisms will generally test above 2000 psi f 'm when constructed with SmartWall units. Higher prism strengths can be specified if needed to meet your project requirements.

LIGHTER. SmartWall Systems walls weigh less than comparable walls made with normal weight units – a savings of about ten tons in an eight inch wall 100’ x 16.’ See Table 1.

Less dead load means longer spans and/or thinner sections for supporting beams, and less dead load on supporting columns and foundations. This allows more efficient use of materials and more economical designs.

In areas where seismic loads must also be considered, SmartWall Systems walls shine.

Lower weight means less induced flexural load on the walls themselves.

SmartWall Systems reduces seismic loading on connections, which are a critical element in successful performance of the building.

And lower loading reduces amount of shear walls needed, which in turn allows larger openings and more flexibility in their placement.

SmartWall Systems raises the bar for performance and structural efficiency in masonry construction. Get the advantage of stronger, lighter SmartWall Systems by specifying it on your next project.

Table 1 — Weight of Eight Inch Wall, lb/ft2


Normal Weight

ASTM C90 Lightweight

SmartWall Systems


135 lb/ft3

105 lb/ft3

90 lb/ft3





48" o/c




32" o/c