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Buildex SmartWall Systems

SmartWall Systems units made with Buildex aggregate are up to 40% lighter than masonry units made with sand and gravel "normal weight" concrete. The blocks’ lighter weight increases mason productivity, speeds construction, lowers construction costs and reduces back injuries. Buildex SmartWall masonry also provide superior insulation by combining high R values with thermal mass and low thermal bridging. The energy savings from SmartWall can more than pay for cost of the unit! In addition, SmartWall offers superior fire resistance, effective sound absorption, excellent seismic performance, low shrinkage, and high strain capacity.

Buildex SmartWall Systems units are available from quality block producers located throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. SmartWall Systems is also available in other parts of the country, from block producers supplied by other members of the Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute (ESCSI). To achieve the benefits of SmartWall it has to be specified for use in your project. Our guide specification makes this easy. You can specify SmartWall Systems units with confidence, knowing they are available from producers throughout the country. Complete details on SmartWall, including specifications and producers, are available in the sections that follow.

Buildex SmartWall Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the NCMA online Details library and NCMA e-TEK manual.

SmartWall has benefits for everyone involved in building construction - the Owner/Occupant, the Designer, the Masonry Contractor, the Block Producer and their suppliers. We at Buildex are proud and excited to be part of this program. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you about all the benefits of using SmartWall Systems.

SmartWall General Information
Guide Specification and Producers

Buildex SmartWall Systems.
What is SmartWall? Our SmartWall "Frequently Asked Questions" for designers answers questions quickly and succinctly.

Buildex SmartWall Systems Guide Specification.
You won’t get the benefits of SmartWall unless you specify it on the job. Here is our guide specification.

SmartWall - The Answers.
Answers from the Expanded Shale Clay and Slate Institute (ESCSI)

SmartWall Systems Certified Producers Lists.
SmartWall Systems is available nationally. Here are links to the current   Buildex SmartWall Systems producers and   ESCSI’s current national list.

Energy Savings With SmartWall

SmartWall? Smart Design!

Energy savings in your local climate can completely pay for the SmartWall system.

Life Cycle Energy Savings In All Climates.
ESCSI Information Sheet 3530. No matter where your project is located, SmartWall cost savings are significant. Here are the details.

Energy Efficient Buildings With SmartWall Systems.
From ESCSI. This publication shows how SmartWall Systems compares favorably with R 19 batt insulation, using an ASHRAE energy analysis. Also included are R factors for a variety of building materials.

SmartWall Fire Safety

Buildex SmartWall: Built In Fire Safety…
This technical sheet demonstrates the superior fire endurance of SmartWall Systems masonry.

Masons and SmartWall

Smart Masons Use Buildex SmartWall Systems.
Masons tell us "We love SmartWall - Get it specified!" Here are some of the reasons why.

Construction With the Speed of Light.
Field and laboratory productivity studies from ESCSI
(Under revision)

SmartWall Structural Performance

Structural Advantages of SmartWall Systems.

Take tons of load off your building with stronger, lighter SmartWall Systems.