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Smart Masons Use Buildex
SmartWall Systems...

"[When using] 8x8x16 lightweight masonry units we can see at least a 15% increase in mason productivity. With 12x8x16 inch lightweight units the increase is more like 35-40%. Time is money, and lightweight saves both"

Bill Merillat
Jayhawk Masonry
Topeka, Kansas

Buildex SmartWall:

  • Reduces transportation costs to the job.
  • Shortens construction time, reducing overhead costs.
  • Is easier for equipment to handle.
  • Makes scaffolding safer.
  • Is easier to lay with less chipping.
  • Reduces injuries, meaning fewer worker compensation claims and lower insurance rates.
  • Masons are more productive and have longer careers.

SmartWall has benefits for everyone involved in building construction — the Owner/Occupant, the Designer, the Masonry Contractor, the Block Producer and their suppliers.

We at Buildex are proud and excited to be part of this program. We welcome- the opportunity to visit with you about all the benefits of using SmartWall Systems.