Production, General Physical Properties & Shipping

Fired Buildex Leaving Kiln

Compared to common normal weight aggregates, Buildex is:

Produced at temperatures in excess of 10000C, ESCS aggregate offers more than twice the volume for the same weight of conventional aggregates.

Typical Physical Properties of Buildex compared to Rock & Sand (a)



River Sand

Limestone Rock

Primary Chemical Component



Loose Density, lb/cu ft 45 (a) 103 95
Specific Gravity, bulk 1.3 (a) 2.6 2.55
Conductivity (k-factor) (b) 1.0 15.0 11.0

(a) the density and specific gravity vary with production plant; refer to the information on a particular Buildex plant for details.
(b) Btu/hrft2 (deg F/in).

Most of our production is shipped in truckload quantities of 30 cubic yards or more. We also have rail and barge shipment available.

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