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Buildex Pricing and Request for More Information


Please contact our sales office in Ottawa Kansas for pricing information for your project. We will also be glad to refer you to another producer of expanded shale lightweight aggregate if your project is located outside our normal shipping territory.

We are happy to send appropriate technical and application information to qualified students and professionals.

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Lightweight Concrete Masonry
Buildex SmartWall Systems (stronger, lighter concrete masonry)
Productivity Advantages in General
Freeze Thaw Durability in Lightweight Segmental Retaining Walls

Structural Lightweight Concrete
Structural Lightweight Concrete Advantages
Bridge Deck Solutions 
Precast / Prestressed Structural Lightweight Concrete Products
Pumping Buildex Structural Lightweight Concrete
Haydite Refractory Lightweight Concrete

Internal Curing of Concrete
Latest research on improving concrete durability with internal curing provided by lightweight aggregate fines.
Asphalt Chip Seals
Using Buildex for high performance asphalt chip seal projects
Other Buildex Uses
Geotechnical Fills Using Lightweight Aggregate
Decorative Ground Cover
Horticulture / Soil Conditioner / Structural Soil
Buildex Playground Surface Material
Biological Water Filtration
Baseball Infield Treatment - Reduce Rainouts!
Car-Go Traction Aggregate
Other Information Needed, Questions, Comments