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Geotechnical Lightweight Aggregate Fill

Buildex lightweight aggregate fills are approximately half the density of common soil fills. This advantage, coupled with its high internal friction angle, can also reduce lateral forces by more than one-half.

Buildex is used to solve numerous geotechnical engineering problems and to convert unstable soil into usable land. Buildex also provides permanent insulation around water and steam lines and other thermally sensitive elements. Buildex lightweight aggregate fills are a reliable and economical geotechnical solution.

Contact our office for a copy of our complete geotechnical properties report. A two page report summary is also available to view or download in Adobe PDF format: Geotechnical Report Summary (190 kb) 

Project Highlight

Barney Allis Plaza - Kansas City, MO

Six thousand cubic yards of Buildex expanded shale lighwteight aggregate was used geotechnical lightweight aggregate fill on top of the existing underground parking garage. Buildex provided subsurface drainage, weight reduction and long term stability. In addition, the aggregate established the grade and contuour for the new plaza area built on top of the parking structure.

Owner: City of Kansas City, MO
Contractor: V. S. DiCarlo General Contracors Inc.
Arcihitect/Engineer: Marshall & Brown Inc.