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Looking for surface material to meet
modern playground safety standards?

 Buildex Playground Surface Material is Safety Tested
and Provides Lasting Protection

Buildex playground surface material is a synthetic low density rock that makes an excellent surface under playground equipment.

Safety Tested. Buildex playground surface material has been tested in accordance with ASTM Standard F 1292-99 Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment. The following Maximum Critical Fall Heights were determined:

Maximum Critical Fall Height*

9" Buildex Depth 12" Buildex Depth
7 feet 8 feet

* As with any loose-fill playground surface material, regular maintenance should be provided to maintain the proper depth of material.

Lasting Protection. Buildex playground surface material has several distinct advantages compared to other materials:  

      Long lasting. Buildex is a loose, free draining granular material that wont shrink or compact into a hard surface, so it retains its ability to absorb shock from falls when it is properly maintained to sufficient depth. Buildex wont decompose and doesnt provide nutrients that would support microbial growth.

      Inert.  Buildex is produced at very high temperatures - over 2000o F - making it is free of insects, disease, weeds, and soil-borne insects.   

      Easy to install and maintain. Buildex is only one-third the density compared to rock or sand, a definite advantage when transporting, handling, and installing the material! Yet it is heavy enough not to blow or wash away under normal weather conditions.

Buildex Playground Surface Material is available in bulk quantities with delivery to your playground project. For more information or pricing, call the Buildex office at (785) 242 2177.

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